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What Our Clients Say

We’ve been using AbroadWorks for staffing, and I’m pleasantly surprised by how effective it has been. We were initially unsure about relying on an outside company for hiring, but everyone we’ve worked with so far has been great.

AbroadWorks has provided us with professionals to help get product descriptions written and handle our customer service as well as our web development. Nowadays every time we need a position filled, we turn to AbroadWorks to help us find the right person.

AbroadWorks has been instrumental in our company’s rapid growth. From answering phone calls to following up with our vendors and clients, AbroadWorks has consistently provided us with talented individuals that help us with our daily operations.

Their professionalism and turnover time are unlike anything we’ve seen in the industry.

For the last 3 years, I’ve been trying to find a smart, reliable and honest Virtual Assistant that could help me grow my business. I hired a few dozen people, but all had issues.

Finally, I met AbroadWorks. They were extraordinarily pleasant and understanding. I hired the very first candidate they presented to me, a Virtual Assistant that's willing to go the extra mile to help us grow. She had an immediate impact on my bottom line. I’m incredibly happy that I finally found the right people to work with.

Bulldog Adjusters

Srucoh LLC

Frontier Dental

Aaron Singer, CEO

Israel Cohen, CEO

Daniel Gordon, CEO

Reduce Turnover

Save Time

Save on Taxes

Save on Hourly Rate

Operate 24/7

Hire the Top 1%

No Recruitment Fee

Happy Workforce

Increase Your Bottom Line With AbroadWorks!

Save time vetting candidates without sacrificing quality 

8 Reasons to Hire Through AbroadWorks

Hire 3 for the price of 1 in-house employee in more affordable regions

Reduce turnover with experienced remote workers you can trust

Save on employment taxes with international employees

Become a 24/7 business with a reliable team around the world

Our rigorous vetting process allows you to hire the top 1%

Just 1 simple monthly invoice for your employee once they start working.

We specialize in keeping your workforce happy and engaged

What Our Clients Say


Our virtual assistants are highly organized, detail-oriented individuals who provide administrative support to clients remotely.

They possess excellent written & verbal communication skills, as well as a strong work ethic and the ability to work independently with minimal supervision. 

They are dedicated to help you win back your time and increase your productivity by handling the tasks that you never should.

When It Comes To a Virtual Assistant, Competence and Speed Matter

Starting at Just $9 an Hour!

Travel Arrangements

Their Responsibilities Include

Managing Email & Scheduling

Research & Reports

Customer Service Support

Social Media Management

Data Entry

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Once your employees are hired, you'll receive a simple monthly invoice from us for their hourly rate. 
Never worry about exchange rates or extra fees.

With global outsourcing, you'll save up to 70% of the local cost but get local results.

Our monitoring software calculates pay by the minute so you'll never pay a dime unless your employees are working. We offer paid vacation days and bonuses to your team at no cost to you.

We Charge $0 for the 
Entire Recruiting Process.

Your Employee. Our Responsibility.

It's That Simple.

We conduct a vigourous hiring process with hundreds of candidates applying for each position. Our aptitude tests and interviews allow us to hire the top 1% of applicants. 

We track and monitor your employee’s overall performance and we manage all of their HR and administrative needs.

We help manage your employee so you can focus on growing your business.

Our goal is to help you build an energized and efficient outsourced workforce that gives your company a competitive edge. 

AbroadWorks is a U.S. based staffing agency that helps companies find trusted & talented staff overseas. 

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When It Comes To a Virtual Assistant, Competence and Speed Matter


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